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A recent graduate of North Betoota’s exclusive St Gretel’s School for Girls revealed to The Advocate last night during a candid rosé binge that she’s ‘basically unable’ to post an image of her family without referring to them in Italian – despite having no genetic connection to the boot-shaped peninsula of culinary ecstasy.

Miley Doherty, 19, said that every time she’s posted a picture of her family to popular social media platform Instagram, she’s captioned the image with ‘Ma Familia’, which The Advocate understands means ‘My Family’ in English.

“It’s how do” she said, rolling a cigarette in the pokie room of the Betoota Leagues Club.

“We are basically Italian. In terms of fashion and food and stuff”

It’s a growing issue, according to a local social media guru.

Peter Dobinson, 43, said that young people are competing with each other for the most creative way to write ‘My Family’ on Instagram, which is leading to a lot of ‘shade-throwing’ and ‘freeze-outs’.

“We’ve seen people head to Google Translate to find the most unique and interesting way to write a ‘My Family’ caption on social media,” said the social media director of the popular bespoke marketing firm, EpilepticBasqueBoys.

“Recently we witnessed a young man translate My Family to Latvian, despite having no tangible connection to the Eastern Europhellholehole. Quite bizarre, but it’s not the strangest thing we’ve seen.”

More to come.


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