Administrators of the Australian Taxation Office have today revealed that they are concerned Australians might be claiming too many deductions in their tax returns, and in turn minimising how much their executive’s sons will able to steal from us.

While admitting that the $165 million Plutus tax scandal has “tarnished” the reputation of Australian Taxation Office, the ATO was also keen to point out that Australian workers are overly keen in claiming a $150 tax deduction for clothing expenses.

“Essentially, if Aussies keep trying to claim random deductions, then there won’t be much left in the kitty for our sons to steal” said one spokesman, Theo Vingprick.

In March this year, it was confirmed that the Tax Office has been actually fucking robbing us.

Michael Cranston, who has worked for the tax office for over three decades, will be charged with abusing his position as a public official relating to the alleged fraud, although it is his son Adam that is in a lot more fucking shit.

The Bondi fuckboy was arrested at his flat in the affluent beach suburb of Bondi during raids yesterday and has been charged with conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth – alongside his sister, the Cranston children are one of ten to be arrested in the raids.

In a statement released by the ATO today, it was revealed that if Australians, for any reason, feel their tax dollars aren’t safe in the hands of silver-spoonfed white cunts from the Eastern suburbs, then they are well in their right to not pay tax at all.

“We completely understand if you don’t trust us”

“But please stop it with the random work expenses. It’s just not honest”



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