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A French Quarter woman has shocked the town this week, with an incredible display of self-control.

The 28-old-local named Meg Hill did so yesterday evening when she managed to navigate an entire trip to Merde De Chien Reserve without once mentioning that she owns a rescue dog.

The performance is believed to be the first of its kind in town, with no previous incidents recorded.

As the Behavourial Science Unit at South Betoota Polytechnic explained, ‘it’s mandatory for a dog owner to either discuss what breed their dog is, or where they got their dog, at least once during any trip to the park.’

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, the young architect explained that she just thought she’d see if she could make the impossible, possible.

“Obviously as the owner of a little rescue pupper it’s my duty to tell every single person I meet at the park,” said Hill.

“Especially when it comes to alphaing those fucking yuppies who cough up thousands for their pure breeds,” she laughed.

“But, after a tough day at work I just thought I’d keep to myself and let the other dog owners talk while Alfie rain around.”

“I just thought to myself, maybe it’s noble enough that I rescued a dog,” said the owner of an animal that would likely have been put down if she hadn’t intervened.

“That I can be content with that, rather than telling every single person I bump into.”

Hill then confirmed that she was hoping to break her own record, by replicating the feat out the front of a coffee shop on top of a trip to the park on the weekend.


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