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A tertiary-educated leftie from our town’s cosmopolitan French Quarter has put Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese on blast this morning, telling The Advocate that he’s sold workers out by supporting changes to the nominal tax rate and scrapping the proposed scrapping of negative gearing and franking credit changes.

The President of the Keep Rue de Putain Quiet Organisation, Stephen Dalrymple, was scathing in his criticism.

“Albo is just a sugar-free version of Malcolm Turnbull now! A suck up to the rich and a punisher of us workers!” he told our reporter today in his home office.

When asked if Albo was simply scrapping policies that cost Labor the previous election, Stephen with a PH said he didn’t care.

“It’s the principal of the thing. Labor should stick to its core principals, which is to look after workers. By doing what they’ve done, they’ve alienated their base, which is low-paid workers!”

“I don’t care if Labor spends another thousand years in opposition, that’s still better than being a left-leaning version of the Liberal Party!”

“They should do what I deem to be the right thing because I’ve been to university. I have studied the struggle. My father was a painter!”

Our reporter was able to determine that Mr Dalrymple’s father was a successful portrait painter but that is beside the point, he explained.

“It’s not like it’ll make any difference who I vote for,” he said.

“David Littleproud and his little-to-be-proud-of [sheepishly giggles] National Party got almost 70% of the vote out here last time so me getting upset over it is pointless.”

More to come.


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