Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has held another press conference where he says lots of shit about nothing, and still refuses to directly answer anyway of the soft questions handed to him by his friends in the Australian media.

In fact the most memorable thing to come out of this media appearance was our PM saying the words ‘Australia’ and ‘Australians’ nearly 60 times in the ten minutes he wasn’t wearing his Australian flag face mask.

In a turbulent couple months that has seen the 6 million people in Sydney stuck in a never ending lockdown, and every other capital snapping in and out of one week week circuit breakers themselves.

After pushing the Premiers to breaking point with his blame shifting, Scotty has since ramped up his marketing jargon in an effort to avoid accountability for the fact that he didn’t order enough jabs, and refuses to build Federal Quarantine facilities.

In the last 6 months, the language surrounding the jab roll-out has changed from ‘targets’ to ‘horizons’ to now ‘phases’.

It’s at this point that most Australians have tuned out of the shit coming out of his mouth, and are instead taking all direction from State Governments who seem to have a better idea of what is going on.

In fact, unless Scotty From Marketing is going to pony up the the proposed $300 jab incentive, no one wants to hear from him at all.

“This fucker is talking a lot for someone who owes us 300 bucks” says the entire nation of Australia.

The proposed ‘cashie jab’ seems to have resonated well with the Australian population, after months of fighting tooth and nail for their jabs, after being told to get their jabs, even though there weren’t enough jabs for all of us, and still aren’t.

With many being turned back time by overwhelmed and under-resourced hospitals and GPs time again – voters now feel they deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work they’ve put in lying about being frontline workers with underlying medical conditions.

“Where’s our money Scotty?” says Australia.

“We don’t wanna hear from you unless you’ve got our money?”

“Also, fuck up about the Olympics mate. You can’t take credit for those medals”

“You don’t even know what a race is”


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