The NSW Health Minister has today made an extra effort to communicate with the non-English speaking residents of Western Sydney who might be slipping through the cracks of public health informations.

This comes as New South Wales records a further 233 local cases and two more deaths, as State Premier Gladys Berejiklian warns outbreak will get worse now that the virus has made its way into apartment buildings.

With the Federal Government now insisting they have more than enough supplies, the focus of the states is now shifting to encourage

Brad Hazzard MP says there’s no reasonable excuse for members of the public to not be putting off getting their jabs, but he does understand that if you only watch Sky News or Channel 7, you might not even know this virus exists – regardless of what language you speak at home.

“I understand some of our Morrison-apologist commercial media corporations have been gravely underplaying this current outbreak, that’s if they even mention it at all”

“But, if by chance, the residents of Western Sydney are lucky enough to see this press conference in between their ads for Harvey Norman and Gina Rhinehart’s Olympic philanthropy – please know that things are pretty serious”

“Just to speed you up. There’s this virus getting around that has basically shut down every major economy in the world, and like it’s really easy to catch. We thought we had enough doses of this pharmaceutical that can help prevent you form catching, but our Prime Minister didn’t order enough and we’ve had to deal with him generating fear around side effects so that he can avoid having to answer for the fact that there wasn’t enough to go around”

“Anyway, he reckons we have enough of it now. So please go and get a jab. You are going to have to stay home until everyone gets one anyway. So just go get it”

Hazzard then turned his attention to delivering the same message to Sydney’s migrant communities who might be struggling with the language barrier.

“Ok, so that’s the whiteboys done”

“As for the rest of you. How-a do I-a say”

The NSW Health Minister then started speaking in broken English, while delivering his messages really slow like a boomer does when they ordering a meal from someone who looks like they aren’t really from here.

“To-a- de-a-migrants. Please-a get-a de jab jab” he said, while mimicking the act of of injecting a syringe into his arm.


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