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The government has issued some good news today for the nation’s young people, saying they might have access to the Pfizer jab before too long.

In just a few weeks, Australia will be awash with jabs of all varieties.

That’s the message from Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he spoke to reporters in Canberra.

“Our research has indicated that there will be strong demand for the Moderna in people aged over 60,” said Morrison.

“Which means Pfizer will end up in the vaccine scrap bin along with Astro Zuchinni. The vaccines that end up in the scrap bin go into the young people of Australia or into the impoverished masses that make up the rest of our Asia-Pacific region,”

“So now that the Baby Boomers have indicated that they actually want the Moderna, they will be getting the Moderna. My government is not in a position where we can afford to get them offisde. So they get what they want,”

“There’s only one thing worse than putting 35 000 Baby Boomers and their long-suffering parents to the sword – and that’s being in Opposition!”

More to come.


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