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A French Quarter woman says she’s feeling excited for the upcoming weekend – which is an increasingly rare occurrence, she says.

Kath Peoink works in our town’s bustling sports management industry, where she manages a number of blue-chip clients on a mezzanine level at a boutique, bespoke social media agency that’s largely kept solvent from the director’s angel investor parents.

In her own words, the 30-something doesn’t really do much – but it’s enough to leave her tired at the end of the day with a sense of mild accomplishment.

However, her flatmate told her this morning that she was taking off for the weekend; leaving Friday for a Monday morning return.

Gascoigne Fridge-Seal, Kath’s flatmate that she tries to avoid whenever possible, is leaving from work on the Friday and going straight to work on Monday as well.

“That’s basically four days,” she said.

Ms Peoink joined our reporter at The Advocate‘s Daroo Street newsroom after a weekly meeting where the young go-getter pitched a number of her clients to The Advocate‘s editorial team.

“This is the first time I’ve had to flat all to myself ever,” she said.

“We’ve either both been away at the same time or I’ve been off doing something for the weekend and she’s just stayed at home to create a large mess of the flat,”

“I’m excited to live like Bridget Jones this weekend. All alone in a two-bedroom flat. Watching Stan. Ignoring people trying to get in contact with me. Drinking to enjoy a bottle of wine, not just drinking to escape the realities of this hellish existance and all the bills and responsiblities that come with it,”

“I think I’m going to enjoy it, personally. I’ve always wondered if I could live alone. I can’t really afford to in Betoota. Maybe if I moved to Windorah and commuted, I’d be able to.”

More to come.


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