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A number of senior Westfield executives voiced their concerns this morning during a morning meeting to discuss the looming threat posed by Amazon.

The US retail giant announced earlier this year that they’ve set their sights on the Australian market and revealed plans to expand their online plus brick and mortar operations here come next year.

That’s got a number of department store conglomerates worried.

“Look personally, I haven’t got a very good feeling about this,” said one executive, who asked to remain anonymous.

“The only tangible thing we can offer people now is that you can take ownership of a product you’ve bought as soon as the transaction is over. That’s it. People know that the whole rigmarole of driving to a Westfield, finding a park, walking around like an idiot trying to find what you want, then driving all the way home can be a bit of a cunt,”

“That’s why we’re a bit concerned.”

However, that’s done little to stop Amazon from pushing ahead with their plans.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning, an acquisition expert from the California-based multinational said he ‘couldn’t give two fucks’ if Amazon kills Westfield.

“Nah fuck ’em,” said Morris Beerbody, a world leader in emerging consumer markets.

“Westfield basically ruins local economies wherever they go. Either local small business joins them and gets worked out the arse in rent, or they cease to exist,”

“These small businesses can trade through Amazon if they want, we’ll do the distribution and everything. Honestly, believe me when I say this shit will be cash.”

More to come.


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