A Townsville man has today taken a 40 inch hunting knife to his own shoulder after hearing the news that an injury sustained by Johnathan Thurston on Wednesday night would mean end to the Cowboys captain’s representative career.

Thurston will play no further part in the Origin series and will miss the World Cup at the end of the year, after undegoing a reinjury of his troubled shoulder after an on-field clash with NSW player Tyson Frizell.

Seasonal cattle worker, Bomber Mascetti (29) is just one of many devout North Queenslanders to throw his hand up and donate a working shoulder to the future immortal.

“I just want to see him play 300 representative games if anything” says Bomber, who hasn’t really had much sleep since Friday.

“I’ll give him mine. Here take it” he roars with welling eyes

“Surely they can fix him up before finals?”

However, despite Bomber’s eagerness, his boss has politely asked the Queensland Rugby League to please not take up his offer.

“We need him for some mustering in a couple weeks time” said a spokesman from Brenttate Pastoral Company.

“Please don’t take that shoulder out”

The North Queensland Cowboys have confirmed that they toyed with Bomber’s offer, but ultimately would not be able to find a doctor dodgy enough to carry out the procedure before the year’s end.

Thurston confirmed he will return to the NRL in 2018 and honour the final year of his contract with the North Queensland Cowboys. This does leave open the potential for a late Origin rebirth, but Thurston has stated he believes he is leaving representative football on a good note.


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