To the dismay of drunken uncles across the state, expert turntablist and self-described party-starter Adrian Bedelovski has an iron-clad code of conduct when it comes to wedding playlists, and it doesn’t involve blasting Tina Turner’s 1973 hit without strict criteria being met.

“Sorry mate, only the bride or groom can request the Nutbush,” the Betoota-based mobile music man has told thousands of guests over the course of his career.

“…and even then I won’t play it till after 10.”

Refusing to budge for members of the bridal party, parents who have to be home for the babysitter by 9.30 and young bucks desperate to show off their line-dancing skills, Bedelovski first drew a line in the sand six months into his career as a professional dancefloor-pumper.

“Mate, anyone with a laptop and an iTunes account reckons they can do this job,” he explains.

“But trust me – you come out hard with Grease Megamix, Hey Ya! or god help me Shake Your Tail Feather before the sun goes down, and your reception’s gonna be a fizzer.”

“I learnt that the hard way, blasting the Macarena to an empty room.”

Despite his hardline stance on the Nutbush, Bedelovski insists he’s not made of stone.

“Mate, you want me to go back-to-back with Love Shack and Mambo No. 5, I’ll do it. That’s on you. But there’s no way you’re hearing the words ‘church house, gin house’ until I say it’s time.”


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