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Outspoken right-wing commentator Andrew Bolt has been chased through the streets of Melbourne this afternoon by a gang of anti-fascist thugs hell bent on glitter-bombing him again.

But Bolt wouldn’t have a bar of it.

Rather than let the gutter-dwelling communists catch him unawares, the barrel-chested South Australian tried his level best to outrun his assailants.

After a running gun battle through Richmond and Hawthorn in Melbourne’s lawless east, during which Bolt is said to have shot up to six of the left-wing goons chasing him, they caught up with him a short time ago at the Maroondah Reservoir Park in the capital’s far east.

“What is it you want?!” screamed the 57-year-old as he stood on the edge of the dam wall.

“I’m merely exercising my right to free speech, much the same as you are! If you kill me now, you’re no better than the forces you say you’re fighting!”

Given the option to surrender himself and be glitter-bombed or jump to his death, Bolt punched one last activist in the throat before throwing himself from the dam into the churning spillway below.

The Sun-Herald columnist was last seen on the banks of the Watts River about a kilometre from the reservoir coughing up water and cursing softly under his breath.

More to come.



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