Karen Langley (54) is not happy with her local MP who she says is out of touch and doesn’t understand the local voter.

“Whoever she is, what’s-her-bloody-name, she’s useless and she doesn’t care about us! Doesn’t want to know us!”

Langely’s strong opinions about her local MP, Suzannah Moore, reached boiling point as a member of Moore’s team contacted Langely’s household to discuss local issues.

“What was she bloody thinking? Calling my home right as I’m watching the Deal or No Deal I’d IQ’d. No idea that woman, no bloody idea.”

According to Langely, the 4:30pm phone call from a member of Moore’s team to ask what issues were important to Langely and her household, was a step too far for this out of touch politician.

Aggravated by this disruption to her afternoon routine of a cup of tea, three Zumbo Tim Tams and a program featuring Andrew O’Keefe, Langely unleashed her anger on the junior member of Moore’s team which she has described as “excessive but necessary.”

“I said “What nerve have you got calling me at home? You want a suggestion? Stop buddying up to the rich and do something for the middle class for a change! You writing this down nong?” Then she started saying something about election promises but I didn’t want to know about it so I hung up! Out of touch assholes.”

The member of Moore’s team on the receiving end has been identified as junior staffer Natalie Hughes (23) who claims this sort of thing happens all too often when calling people to ask about local issues and policies.

“Throughout the year they’re happy to give us a pasting for not doing anything and ignoring their feedback but the moment we call them their number one issues is that we’ve interrupted Midsomer Murders.”

Having not received a phone call since the initial incident, Langely is confident she won’t be hearing from Moore’s team anytime soon.

“Think I told them where I stand, they won’t call me again. Don’t use their fucking ears these pollies do they?”


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