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“This is bullshit,” he said.

”If only that was a coin, I’d be up a grand!”

Sam Ellis has just been hard done by and this time – he thinks it’s petsonal.

The 24-year-Old has just been screwed over by a pokie machine he though that was his friend but as it turns out, he was working for the pub all along.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate, he said he feels extremely let down and upset that the machine had traded him like that and he hopes things will improve in the future between them.

“We were supposed to be on the same team,” he said.

“This fucking machine fucked me. I was really excited when I got the feature. Then it let me down. Fucks sake. FUCK,”

”I feel like driving my van into this place. Honestly!”

The pokie he’s referring to is at the back of the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club – the last one on the right in the smokies.

Formerly a big fan of the lone Pelican Peter beside th me but machine, that relationship broke down when Ellis smooshed a meat pie up the cash hole after another uneventful feature.

Ellis declined to comment on that event.

More to come.


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