After months of talking all night about the rest of their lives, the Betoota West k-7 Primary School leavers ceremony has been rocked by break out in tears.

The grade 7 students, who were doing a series of performances in front of their parents and teachers, were overcome by tears and overdramatic hugging – as their year coordinator decided to put on the Graduation Song.

Graduation, also know as Friends Forever, is a single by American pop singer Vitamin C released in 2000. It was the third single from her debut studio album, Vitamin C. The song is well known for being played at high school graduations and at some middle school and elementary school promotions – and bringing about tears from the popular female classmembers who love to hug and cry.

“Burghe hur hur hur” sobs Kacey (13) one of the queens bees of the age group.

“I’m going to miss this place”

With the parents currently checking their watches and itching to hit the road for the start of school holidays, the students have now taken to signing each others shirts.

“I love you so much” says Keeley, Kacey’s 2IC, to Kacey.

The two hug for eight whole minutes while the less popular kids stare.


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