A rapdily ageing Victorian ex-pat in the Diamantina has tried his hardest to cause a bit of a scene at a local venue this afternoon.

Enjoying a couple of cold ones on a Friday afternoon with a few of the people he gets along with at work down in the Old City District, Jordan Lane decided to turn up the whole best city in the country kind of thing.

Hailing from the city of Melbourne, Lane reportedly thought he would make a real point of ordering a ‘proper beer.’

Deciding to berate his humble western Queensland friends for their ‘ridiculously sized’ schooner glasses, Lane waddled off to get himself a pint of Betoota Bitter.

Thinking little of the typical Victorian hubris, his friends continued on with a conversation about the Dolphins Grand Final Prospects this weekend.

However, the group were dismayed to see the infuriating grin of their Victorian fried return with a pint of the Diamantina’s finest, and continue carrying on about why all beer should be served in Pints, and how ‘a schooner really was just a half-pint.’

“It’s like metric versus imperial, but imperial is actually better in this case and it should be universal,” Lane began.

At that point, we walked away from the table but from the looks of things, the Victorian carried on for a fair while after that.

More to come.


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