Local bachelor, Ryan Thawley (26) says don’t underestimate how gotdam warm your bed can get by simply throwing a sleeping bag on top of your doonah.

“Seriously though” he says, with a big grin.

With the mercury going well blow zero in Betoota for most mornings throughout June and July this year – Ryan says Winter is easy to get through because you can just wear more clothes.

“I wear socks at home in the evenings anyway” he says.

“So in Winter I just wear two pairs of socks”

As someone who is able to bring nothing but an open bag of doritos to a barbecue with a straight face, it is no surprise that Ryan is able to get through winter without succumbing to the $30 bar heater thats costs $9 dollars an hour to run. Like most single blokes.

“If it gets too hot I just leave the bathroom door open and have a long shower” he says.

“The steam heats up the living room. It’s an easy fix”


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