Home Affairs Minister and failed Australian Prime Minister, Peter Dutton, has today made a point of flexing in his rapidly shrinking cabinet position, by chartering a lear jet to send a hard working migrant family 1,550 kilometres north-west of the mainland.

This comes as the lawyer for the distressed Tamil family from the Western Queensland town of Biloela, confirms they have been once again pinballed to another part of the country – where they will wait for four days to hear the verdit on their deportation from Australia.

This two year process has seen the family dragged out of their weatherboard home in Biloela, seperated from eachother, transferred to a Melbourne detention centre for eighteen months where the youngest of the two daughters’ teeth became rotten because of poor dental hygiene in the facility, before they were put on a plane home and sent back to Sri Lanka. A last minute court ruling then demanded the plane land in Melbourne until further notice.

The two-year-old daughter received a last-minute reprieve on Friday when the Federal Court determined her case for asylum had not been properly heard by immigration officials. They have since been sent back to Melbourne, and then Darwin overnight. A process that has been a fuckload more expensive then just leaving them in the bush and letting the old man keep working at the abattoir.

However, while the treatment of these people is cruel and not a very Christian look for our over-the-top Christian Prime Minister, his Liberal Party colleagues say it is a relief that the Christmas Island is finally getting some use.

The detention facility was Frankenstiened back to life at cost of around $180 million to the taxpayer amid fears the passing of a medivac bill would see sick and dying asylum seekers be transferred to the Australian mainland – a place they are not allowed to go.

Politics aside, however, Peter Dutton says people like Priya and Nadesalingam and their two daughters need to learn that unless they are young European women or Chinese high-rollers – they aren’t owed anything by Australia.

“This should send a stern message to anyone else who thinks they have the right to just learn our language, move to a struggling rural community and help contribute to their economy” said Dutton.



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