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A local dad has struggled to hide his emotions this morning after waking up on Father’s Day and finding that his family had done absolutely nothing for him.

Speaking to The Advocate over a piece of Vegemite toast, Trenton Edwards, explained how this is the first time all year that his family has listened to anything he’s said.

“They asked me what I want for Father’s Day and I said I didn’t want anything”

“I didn’t know they’d take it literally”

“Every other time I ask them do something for me it seems to fall on fucken’ deaf ears!”

“I wasn’t expecting much, but a cooked breakfast would have been good. Or a new pair of secateurs wouldn’t have gone astray either.”

Father’s Day is a celebration celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. Despite the rest of the world celebrating the day on the third Sunday of June, Australia celebrates it on the first Saturday of September.

The Advocate can confirm that Australia elected to celebrate on a different day purely due to a capitalist marketing calendar.

“People get ‘calendar fatigue’” explained a professional. “If there are too many days, they stop seeing them as a reason to buy pointless presents.”

“But fuck it, people make their own decisions. I don’t feel responsible for making them feel inadequate if they don’t buy their dad something.”


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