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The cinematic world is abuzz today after news of the impending release of a new Christmas movie with a unique script. Although the studio has been careful to keep the exact details under wraps until the entire plot is spoiled by an unnecessarily over-detailed trailer, they have revealed that the movie centres around some kids who are helping Santa to deliver the presents. 

“Obviously it’s uncharted territory, so we did have to make it up a bit as we went along” explained director Cornelius Foldingchair.

“But I feel that it gave us a bit of licence to go a bit crazy with the script. I mean, whoever heard of Santa needing help delivering presents; from the very kids he’s supposed to be delivering presents to?! It’s crazy!” 

According to the studio, the movie centres around two siblings, Tom (Young Sheldon’s Iain Armitage) and rebellious older sister Sarah (Mckenna Grace of Captain Marvel fame).

Sarah and Tom are arguing about whether Santa is real, when Santa himself coincidentally finds himself stranded at their family home.

After explaining the obscure reason why they can’t take the obvious route of seeking the help of their oblivious parents Joe (Vince Vaughn) and Mary (Christina Applegate), Santa becomes despondent when it seems that for the first time in history, the presents will not be delivered.

Luckily, the children are able to put their differences aside and work together to help Santa overcome a complex logistical issue to deliver presents to the children of the world, thereby saving Christmas, whilst learning about the importance of family. 

“It was pretty exciting being part of such a ground-breaking project” explained Applegate.

“I don’t know if the world is ready for such an unusual concept, but one thing’s for sure; they won’t be forgetting this movie anytime soon! I really think the kids will love it; Sarah and Tom are such relatable characters.

“And I don’t want to give away the twist at the end, but let’s just say that both the kids will be very surprised on Christmas morning when they open their own presents and discover the gifts that they both really wanted at the start of the movie; but didn’t think they would receive for some reason”. 


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