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Our Protector Annastacia Palaszczuk has slammed Queensland’s border with Antarctica shut today after the spicy cough cluster on the world’s driest continent grows to 58.

In order to protect the lifestyle of all Queenslanders, Ms Palaszczuk ordered the reconstruction of the state’s hard border with the continent to prevent the curse coming up here.

“This outbreak of the Pangolin’s Revenge down in Antarctica has me concerned,” she said.

“I have instructed Queensland Police to close out border with Antarctica. I’m doing this to protect our way of life. We with those Chileans currently coughing their lungs out down in the deep south but I’m sorry, it’s not my problem. Perhaps they should go to Avalon,”

“Any Chilean Antarctic Resident who wants to come to Queensland must be granted an exemption from the CMO. The whole of Chilean Antarctica is now classified a hotspot.”

In response the Chilean Antarctic Division has asked Annastacia Palaszczuk to please act with compassion and to not deny the chance for family and friends to enjoy at least New Years Eve together.

“The actions of Premier Palaszczuk have caused a lot of heartbreak here in Chilean Antarctica,” they said.

“We ask her for compassion and mercy at this time,”

“We just want to get thrown out of the Rumpus Room in West End and get bashed by the cops tonight like our Queensland cousins.”

More to come.


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