Commuters on the Betoota Hills line were awarded some in house entertainment today courtesy of a random couple.

The culprits, a man and woman in their early thirties, headed straight to the quiet carriage for should have been a conversation best had at home.

“Oi don’t walk away from me,” shrieked the woman.

“Look at me when I’m talking to ya.”

“You’re bloody brain dead woman”, shouted the man.

The shouting match was momentarily paused as the husband remembered his misso was pregnant but started up again just as an elderly woman entered the carriage.

Commuters say they’re uncertain exactly what the fight was about, but suggest the commotion escalated when the woman caught the eye of one of the onlookers.

“What THE FUCK ARE YOUSE looking at?”, screamed the woman, eyeballing everyone to make sure they were looking.

“You all think you’re better than us?!” At this point the man reportedly jumped in to defend his wife, giving the entire carriage a gobful of creatively worded insults.

Commuters reveal they felt relieved when the train stopped and the couple promptly left the carriage hand in hand.


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