Local university student, Issy Atkins, is counting down the days until her parents arrive this weekend, not because she misses them, but because any time her parents visit they top up her fridge and any other house hold items she may need.

In its current state, Issy’s fridge is partially filled with the essentials; non-branded ‘dairy spread’, milk, a couple of assorted beers and left-over Bolognese. While the contents is nothing to be ashamed of, Issy empties out the fridge and makes a start on her shopping list.

The Advocate caught up with Issy mid-way through the dairy aisle she was visualizing, to see just how far she was going take things and whether or not she feels bad about taking advantage of her parents kindness.  

“Oh man, I’ve gotta get some Mersey Valley! Ooo and some actual butter, the fancy French one”  

“Do I feel bad about it? Mmm nah not really, like, I’m poor.”

“Plus, it was their decision to bring me into this world, so they kind of brought this on themselves”

Apparently Issy’s entitlement is not unique to her situation, with psychologist Lewis Amends explaining that there’s a much bigger issue at play.

“Yes, Millennials are just selfish and entitled. They expect to get everything handed to them; a good job in Betoota’s banking district, to drive a Volkswagen Golf, own designer handbags – it’s just not feasible for someone who’s 20 years old.”

While Issy’s weekly shop is a far cry from a Gucci Handbag, we can see where Dr. Amends is coming from and can only hope that Issy’s entitlement doesn’t gain any more momentum.

More to come.



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