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“Seriously but, there is no way I’d step into the ring with Morny, he’d take my head off,” laughed one friend.

A conversation at the North Betoota Hotel on Friday night has reconfirmed a group of friend’s reluctance to fight one of their mates – if it ever came to it.

It was quickly established by the group that Dom Mornal, who was the 2009 U19 ‘Golden Gloves’ champion of Western Queensland, wouldn’t be receiving title challenges anytime soon.

One friend was overheard recounting; “Do you remember that time when Morny decked that gatecrasher at Sandy’s 21st? I know the bloke started it but Dom sure as shit finished it.”

Whilst Mornal physical dominance had been made obvious, it was unclear as to whether he was even aware of it, as one friend was heard laughing, “you’d never bloody tell the bloke though would ya.”

The Advocate reached out to Dom for comment on the allegations and he was more than happy to entertain our reporter via telephone for around an hour.

While he accepts the fact that he ‘gets in a lot of fights’, he’s reluctant to wear the title of Chief Protector Among Mates [CPAM] but concedes it’s a bed he’s made that he’s now forced to sleep in.

“I know how to throw hands,” he said.

“I got into boxing at an early age, where they tell you to never fight out of a ring and I all my life, I’ve tried to live by that code,”

“But sometimes, that’s not possible. Especially when people find out you can throw hands. You become a magnet for trouble, folk try to take a shot at the title. It’s just life.”

More to come.


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