With great power comes great responsibility, a phrase Betoota Heights woman, Danika Sheeth (23), is today learning the true meaning of.

After calling ‘shotgun’ on the way to her friend’s car, Danika was in high spirits about her prime seat position for what would be a 5hr road trip, however, as the driver handed her the auxiliary (AUX) cord those feelings were quickly replaced by waves of anxiety.

“Ah.. ok.. what do we all feel like listening to?” Danika nervously asked.

“Anything but country” said the more impoverished passenger in the middle seat.

Feeling the pressure of all eyes and ears on her, Danika bit the bullet and pumped her recently played tracks – unfortunately for her, they were mostly Ricki Lee’s latest album.

“What the fuck is this?” Questioned one passenger.

“This is a terrible song” spat another.

The Advocate understands that Danika quickly resorted to putting on Taylor Swift, the Switzerland of music choice – a move that sedated the slow uprising in the back seat.

According to the Roads and Maritime Passenger Services (RMPS) ‘Shotgun’ was used to describe the guard who rode alongside a stagecoach driver, ready to use his shotgun to ward off bandits or other hostile outlaws.

In today’s mostly hold-up free society though, the rules state that whoever calls ‘shotgun’ must deliver a consistently high-quality selection of songs which are reactional to the mood of the car – a job not many can handle.

It seems that on this day, Danika did manage the job – mustering the true Aussie spirit of digging her heels in and bringing the people what they wanted. Early reports indicate that Danika rode shotgun and delivered quality music for the full 5hr trip.

More to come.





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