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“What is ‘Dazos Brothers Sth Betoota Pty Ltd’ and what did I buy there for $10.40?”

Smelling her the cuffs of her Zimmerman jacket, Ollie Hawker concluded that it was probably something with garlic.

This morning, the skittish Gemini woke to a dull headache, mild thirst and an awkward lethargy that will dictate the rest of her Saturday.

But one of the first things she did this morning, after going through the activity logs of her various social media accounts to see who and what she liked in the wee hours of Friday night, was check her transaction history to witness the financial carnage that was last night.

“I think I got off pretty lightly,” she told our reporter.

“Looks like I only spent about $90 all up. But god, I don’t remember that $40 transaction at the Dolphins Club – but I know exactly what that was now – a bottle of that Cairns mango wine,”

“Is it bad I know that? It’s so tasty, but. Anyway, it all looks in order. No cash withdrawals – which is nice. Didn’t buy any cheap headphones it seems. But doing this, albeit tough, helps me retrace my steps last night. Especially when there are blank spots.”

The 26-year-old then told our reporter she was going back to sleep.

More to come.


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