With each major city constantly in and out of never-ending lockdowns, the delusional fringes of society are gaining more members every day.

The unfortunate reality that Australians find themselves in due to incompetent governance and a colossally bungled jab roll-out has resulted in vast numbers of disenfranchised workers steering away from the advice of medical experts and seeking out their own version of reality.

Betoota Heights personal trainer, Blane Dyer is one of these people.

Like millions of other Australians, the 34-year-old health and fitness guru has had such a shit go over the last 12 months that he really wants to believe anything but the truth of the matter – which is no one knows how long this era of economic uncertainty will last.

Unbeknownst to even his mother, Blane has found himself entertaining the bullshit of deranged Youtubers and Instagram influencers – as he attempts to make peace with the fact that his income has been halved by the disastrous affects of this disgracefully handled pandemic.

The fact that he already works in ‘wellness’ means he was a sitting duck for the conspiracies that clash with the medical consensus.

Today, he has officially crossed over from silent participant to vocal supporter.

Speaking to one of his 6 remaining clients who have enough of a disposable income to be able to keep paying for exercise, the conversation obviously ended up drifting towards this major historical event we find ourselves trapped in.

“Wait…” he asks his client, a young man roughly the same age as him.

“You don’t actually believe the case numbers do you? says Blane.

The client, a local GP who has spent the last two months explaining to his patients that the Prime Minister’s comments regarding blood clots was ill-informed political spin and that the government is not trying to kill them with their free jabs, can do nothing but sigh as Blane pauses the work out and whips out the iPad.

“Nah. You’ve got it all wrong” says Blane, as he opens a link with an Eastern European URL.


“I’ve been doing a bit of reading about this virus online…”


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