As the Taliban continue to consolidate their control over the major cities of Afghanistan, the president of their now collapsed US-backed government has left his supporters hanging at the gates of the airport – while he ‘pulled a scomo’.

‘Pulling a scomo’ is a popular expression within the Australian vernacular, and is used to describe the actions of someone who flees from an unpleasant situation that they are partly to blame for creating, and responsible for fixing.

The term was coined during Australia’s 2019/20 ‘Black Summer’ Climate Fires when the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who calls himself Scomo, fled the country for a resort holiday in Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach.

Scotty From Marketing skipped town with his family because the responsibilities that were being asked of him while his country burned were too much for a career bureaucrat to handle.

His office initially denied the holiday, before he was caught out lying after getting photographed multiple times by holidayers. He then gave the closest thing he’s ever given to an apology by expressing deep “regret” for “any offence caused to any of the many Australians affected by the terrible bushfires by my taking leave with family at this time”.

However, with the whole world watching the situation in Kabul, Afghan President Ashraf Ghaniwas not able to even pretend he was still in the country.

Ghani, who is currently exiled in Saudi Arabia, said he left Afghanistan on Sunday as the Taliban entered Kabul virtually unopposed. He said he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

While the President Of Afghanistan has probably a better an excuse to leave town than Morrison did, given the whole the fact that he could get executed if he stays, the Afghan people are now asking questions about whether or not he fled with the just the clothes on his back – or whether he took every last gemstone and dollar with him.

Media outlets closer to the ground in Kabul are reporting that Ghani left the country with four cars and a helicopter full of cash – and had to leave some money behind as it would not all fit in – which isn’t exactly a good look for an apparent leader who claims he needed to move quick to avoid bloodshed.

This may be the Afghan equivalent of Scotty From Marketing’s decision to board a flight to Hawaii with his family, and staying in a 5-star resort in Honolulu for the two weeks that 10% of Australia’s east coast was on fire.

Another famous example of ‘pulling a scomo’ was include the time American Republican Senator Ted Cruz was photographed flying to Mexico on holiday while his state of Texas froze through a deadly winter storm that left millions left without power or drinkable water. Photos of the former presidential candidate emerged on social media showing him boardng a flight to Cancun in the middle of a catastrophic storm which has claimed at least 37 lives.


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