With all the madness in the world of late, a Canberra woman has taken the opportunity to re-live her youth this week.

As the Bush Capital approaches a week in lockdown after a young man spread the Sydney Sneeze around the town, a local cleaner says she’s trying to enjoy a silver lining.

The young mum who has a job cleaning Questacon – the jewel in Canberra’s crown – said she’s been making the most of having the place to herself.

Questacon, is the capital’s interactive science playground with a stack of different exhibits, that every single child in Australia is supposed to visit during their schooling years.

“I’m the only one in the building this week, and it’s been great,” laughed Elyse Throssel today.

“No screaming kids, no snooty public servants, and best of all, the Free Fall all to myself.”

“I spend a good hour or so going up and down,” she explained about one of the favourite features at the science-based attraction.

“And, don’t tell the boss, but obviously I’ve been doing it without a spotter at the top.”

“Broke my record on the ball speed toss too,” she laughed.

“Feels like a night at the museum when I turn the lighting cage on.”

“Maybe I’ll get sick of it before they lift the lockdown, but right now, I’m loving have some peace and quiet and the place to myself,” said Throssel running for another go down the Free Fall.

“Thank god I’m not in the Art Gallery,” she laughed before ending the phone call.


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