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A new service has been rolled out by delivery giant Uber this week.

Uber will now be delivering emails and other important data to customers of the Australian government’s NBN service, using print-outs, CDR’s and DVDr’s for those wanting to watch Netflix.

The groundbreaking service, called UberData, will be easily accessed by sending a letter to UberData’s exclusive post office box in San Francisco.

Users will then have to do nothing but wait, as the requested data is printed out/burned to disc (as per request) and sent out through Uber’s lightning fast network. The data will be delivered directly to the users door in a brown paper bag by a person on a scooter.

That’s not all. If the user is not home, a personalised message will be left in their screen door, allowing them to pick up their data from their nearest air freight district.

The service will be a game changer for current NBN customers, who will no longer have to wait for such long periods of time to receive their important data.

One NBN customer, Tom Spacey, said he is particularly excited to see the live stream of Coachella that happened over the weekend. “It’ll be amazing. A few weeks from now I’ll be able to pop in a DVDR and watch Beyoncé live, as it happens in the US. I can’t wait to see the bit where she brings out Kelly and Michelle. What a world we live in”.

Tom then produced an A4 manila folder, marked ‘Classic Memes’, which he hopes to start filling up as they arrive.


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