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The former Prime Minister has told reporters today in the bush capital that he’s not out to depose Malcolm Turnbull as leader.

Tony Abbott, who famously lost the job to the more popular merchant banker in 2015, made the statement with his left hand cocked behind his back with his fingers crossed.

“Malcolm Turnbull will take the Liberal Party to the next election because he’s more popular than Bill Shorten, which in turn will get him elected,” said Abbott.

“I am not out for revenge, I am not working with the right-faction to either install myself or Long John Dutton into the hot seat,”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s business as usual.”

However, a number of journalists were left scratching their heads after the statement.

Abbott then excused himself and walk back into the House of Representatives wing.

Many saw Mr Abbott’s fingers cross behind his back, which some in the industry consider being associated with telling a lie.

“I’m not entirely convinced he was being truthful with us,” said one overpaid and underworked ABC reporter.

“Yeah, I agree. I think he just lied to us,” said another.

The Advocate has reached out to the Member For Warringah’s office for clarification on the matter but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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