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Popular classic rock radio franchise Triple M has one-uped their public broadcasting counterparts by choosing to play a countdown-style playlist on January 26.

Triple J has for many years played a listener-voted countdown of tracks on the public holiday but this year opted out of it in respect of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

However, on the bandwidth, but with a much different mission statement, their commercial rock counterpart of Triple M has decided to pick up the slack – and take on the listenership of outraged racists.

It appears the financially dwindling medium of commercial radio is indeed very grim, for a radio station that changed their logo to the Aboriginal colours last Australia Day to completely change their stance – while accusing musicians who take part in the boycott of being hipsters.

“Things are pretty grim here, as you can probably tell” said Triple M content director who spent his whole life trying to get a job at triple J, over a flat white outside the Austereo headquarters in Sydney CBD.

“We’ll probably get a few pats on the back from this from the rednecks, but to be honest I don’t think any of our listeners are the types to play music on a public holiday anyway”

“Like, the only reason they listen to us is because we play Barnesy songs on the hour, every hour and they aren’t allowed to bring Bose speakers onsite”

How Nielsen’s ratings suggest that Triple M has successfully landed the ever growing Islam is not a race demographic, as well as the I yell at my wife in public market.

“What they’ve done was so easy, it was sitting there in front of them” said lead analyst, Ray Nielsen.

“They’ll take a few big paychecks from outdoor and camping advertisers this January, but of course they had to make the conscious decision to be on the wrong side of history”


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