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There are certain types of people in this world.

Types who resent making chat with colleagues. Types who go out of there way to make friends, and ask their fellow man about their lives, their family and their hobbies.

And of course, the type of people who do whatever it takes to segue into talking about their weekend.

Matt Willanders is the type of guy who does this. The segues don’t lead to outrageous tales from a night filled with debauchery though. They lead to outrageous tales about his feats on the oval.

“So how was your weekend Alicia,” he asked his colleague this morning.

“Yeah pretty good thanks, got a lot of stuff done, how was yours?” came the reply.

“Yeah great thank you. Got the nod for First Grade on the weekend which was bloody great actually. Good to finally get recognised for the all the hard work you know,” was the swift response from Willanders.

Alicia nodded and smiled pleasantly, trying to conceal the fact she really couldn’t give less of a shit.

Rather than proceed with the story and inform Alicia that it was a substitute fieldsman and that he actually has never played first grade as a batsman or bowler, he simply walked away, hoping to have planted the seed in another person’s mind, that he may be a somewhat handy athlete.

“A cap is a cap mate. Simple as that. I got on the field for first grade on the weekend and no one can take that away from me,” he said as he wandered off to check his MyCricket stats.


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