Sophie Sinkinson was left bemused today after reading on Facebook that her friend Sally has a new best friend.

The pair had gone to school together before Sophie moved away to Melbourne to study earlier this year, and Sally went to Brisbane.

Although they had not caught up this year as the first year of university had been pretty hectic, Sophie was still under the impression that they were BFF’s and that they would catch up and recap the year over Christmas.

However, this morning Sophie was rudely made aware that there was a new best friend on the scene. Not another girl from uni, or one of the mean girls from uni, but a young handsome looking man called “Matt.”

Sophie said that the news came as a surprise, as the only 3 or 4 months ago Sally seemed to be getting pretty cosy with another fella called Tom.

“It’s odd. I knew she was sort of seeing someone else, but I didn’t know she was at the level that she was publicly notifying the world on social media that she has found her new soul mate…”

Sophie told The Advocate  that she doesn’t actually think her friendship is under fire.

“I was confused at first. But then I realised that the whole post may have been a veiled swipe at Tom, that other guy, who she could well be in love with.”

“Ah well I guess I’ll find out at Christmas what the fuck is going on.”



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