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As the second week of the Tokyo Olympics kicks off, the world watches on as the main events move from water onto land.

With Australia picking up a huge bag in the water events, hopes have been tapered somewhat as we head to the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

However, while expectations are being managed, there has been a strong surge in other euphoric style chat, with the nation now taking every opportunity to bring up their high school prowess.

Following the 100 metres last night it’s believed high school achievement chat is now peaking, with a meteoric rise all around the country.

It can be revealed exclusively by The Betoota Advocate that 95% of the nation’s males, and 50% of the nation’s women are now referencing their PB’s in all manner of track and field events.

It’s believed every single household, and every single group chat has been blessed with atleast one reference to how someone nearly made it to the state carnival at some point during their formative years.

One such bloke is Sam Nicholson, who has told over 100 different people about his personal best time in the hundred of 11.94 when he was 16.

“See how Kerley starts wobbling a bit there, he had to stay relaxed and trust his form would get him there,” said the Betoota Heights man who also was pretty good at Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, High Jump and the Javelin as well actually.

“Just makes you think, I wouldn’t have been far of running at the Olympics if I’d stuck at it,” he revealed.

“Long jump, mate, they used to worry about me hurting myself by falling out of the school pit,” he laughed.

“Ahhh those were the days,” said the man with two blown out knees and a crook back now.

“I reckon I’ve still got it you know”

More to come.


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