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The English Cricket Board has expressed their concerns over the safety of their players today as this summer’s hotly-anticipated Ashes Series hangs by a thread.

As the situation in New South Wales and Queensland continues to descend into a quagmire of government incompetence and rampant restriction fatigue, the peak English cricket body has said nothing is set in stone at this stage.

“The situation in Australia right now is very concerning,” said the ECB in a statement.

“The spread of the Delta in Australia has been made so much worse by their government. Our hearts go out to the Australian people. But we must be pragmatic about this upcoming series,”

“It’s just too dangerous at the moment. The risk is too high. At this stage in the pandemic, it is sad and pathetic that sport has to be watched on television. We hope the series can go ahead.”

It’s understood by The Advocate that defacto West Australian leader Mark McGowan has offered to play the series in his supposed spicy-cough-free nation-state. However, the ECB is allegedly concerned over the safety of their players there as well.

“The one-party state of Western Australia is not a solution,” said the ECB.

“Because we cannot guarantee the safety of our players should they win the series. The McGowan regime has been known to make political rivals and problems disappear.”

The Advocate reached out to the Federal Government for comment but we’re told they’re not commenting on things they don’t want to comment on.

More to come.


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