WONDER WHY THOSE PROTESTS HAPPENED? The online video platform YouTube, which is widely recognised as the sewer of the internet that constantly struggles to weed out QAnon conspiracies and political extremism, has declared that Sky News is too dangerous for even them.

Sky News Australia has received a week long suspension from uploading content to YouTube after violating its medical misinformation policies by posting the same shit that is freely broadcasted on free-to-air TV in Australia.

YouTube says Sky News has repeatedly crossed the line by denying the existence of this virus, and encouraging people to use unproven medicine to treat themselves when they do contract this made up virus.

The digital video streaming platform, known for radicalising Islamic and Neo-Nazi terrorists who end up killing lots of people, confirmed the ban on Thursday afternoon – but it’s only just become public knowledge now because NewsCorp kept quiet about it, understandably.

However, YouTube’s unprecedented suspension of the far-right broadcaster eventually made headlines after the 30% of Australian media not owned by Murdoch noticed something was up.

Sky News’ die-hard following of online conspiracists have now gone four full days without getting their fix of Paul Murray and Alan Jones to feed their lust for the same misinformation that caused the riots in Sydney last weekend.

The ban was brought in just days after the Daily Telegraph ended Alan Jones’s regular column amid controversy about his pandemic commentary, which included calling the NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant a village idiot.

The Sky News YouTube channel, which has 1.85m subscribers, has been issued a strike and is temporarily suspended from uploading new videos or livestreams for one week. The shiraz swilling far-right shills they call hosts have since began playing the victim, claiming that they are victims of a Big Tech conspiracy.

The ban will impact Sky News’s revenue stream from the historic multi-year partnership they signed with Google under the media bargaining code, which the government orchestrated for them after promising to help Scotty From Marketing win the next election.


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