With only three hours till kick-off, expatriated Townsville girl Crystal Creek (34) is still struggling to find anywhere to watch the game in Melbourne.

After living in Melbourne for three years now, Crystal has decided it might be time to watch State Of Origin in a social environment, and by that she means not streaming from her phone in the privacy of her two bedroom apartment in Fitzroy.

Like most Queenslanders, even the ones that are trying to be trendy by moving to hipster coffee enclaves down south, Crystal cannot pretend she isn’t emotionally invested in tonight’s outcome.

“I actually flew back to Queensland for and went to two of the Suncorp matches in 2016 and 2017. Watching it alone makes me feel like I have a problem” she says.

“That’s why I’m trying to get my new girlfriends down here to watch it with me at a bar”

However, despite being in the same city as tonight’s interstate rugby league showdown, Crystal is struggling to find a venue that will play it on the TV.

“It’s hard enough to find a venue that serves beer in this town, let alone one that will broadcast eighty minutes of full contact rugby league football during peak trading hours”

With time running out, Crystal is now seriously considering heading to the MCG and looking for scalpers.

“I might have to dip into the savings, but it’ll be worth it. Streaming the match on my phone is shit, you can barely make out the conversions”


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