While the State Of Origin three-game rugby league series between New South Wales and Queensland is considered to be one of the most spectacular event on the Australian sporting calendar, in the corporate world, the fun is all to be had in the six or so hours leading up to the big match.

For salesmen, saleswomen, executives and some of the luckier admin staff – it’s a chance to enjoy a fully paid long lunch leading into the match – usually with an ex-Origin player as guest speaker.

It is for this reason that Origin is just as important to ex-players as it is to the young footballers fighting for a spot in the Blue or the Maroon.

With thousands of corporate lunches currently taking place down the Eastern seaboard, some of the greats are clearing up to 20-40k each for popping their heads in and spinning a few yarns on the lectern in a function hall full of half-pissed corporates.

In Betoota today, the lucky staff at Diamantina Graintraders, Billy Moore is getting on stage.

Out of the mostly obese crowd of red-nosed suits, there’s two salesmen who will never forget this day. The day Billy Moore asked them where the bar was after his corporate speech.

“Oh just this way, MATE!” says Gordon, before his dumbarse and similar looking mate Jordon could interject.

“I’m heading that way follow me”

Over the next 8 minutes, Gordie and Jordie were treated to a casual but still quite intimate convo with the bloke that yelled Queenslander! coming out of the changerooms that time. The 17-match Origin great, Billy fucking Moore.

Despite making several gaffes in front of the footballing great, both men were left feeling absolutely ecstatic with the exchange, even after Billy declined Jordie’s request to catch up next time he’s in Brissy.

As Billy Moore sneaks out the back door after his obligatory two beers, Gordie and Jordie can be heard talking about how much of a good bloke he is.

Billy’s off to join Wendell for another corpy at a car dealership, followed by another with Sterlo in front of the real estate crowd just before kick off.


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