The controversial Melbourne street Gang Apex remains at the centre of an ongoing controversy, after deputy leader Graham* (name changed) was dismissed for “contravening disciplinary procedures” for cutting a prospect gang member’s hair on gang photo day.

The incident, which was filmed by other prospects and posted to social media, resulted in Graham’s immediate sacking, in what some parent’s of gang members have described as a reactionary knee-jerk, which is more telling of a deeper issue in the presitigious gang’s toxic culture of leadership.

The APEX Gang Old Boys Association (AGOBA) has demanded that chairman Peter* resign for sacking deputy leader Graham last week. It also wants headmaster Brian*, who supported the sacking, to take on a “caretaker role” until a successor is found.

“When you lose the gang Old Boys, the prospects and the parents, what else do you have?” said the Old Apexian Association president.

The much-loved Graham*, who has committed crimes for APEX for more than 3 years, was removed from his position last week for cutting a prospects overgrown hair six weeks earlier, despite the parents of the boy saying they did not want any action taken against the Apex Deputy Leader.

Graham’s sacking sparked a protest meeting by almost 800 angry ­prospects and parents last Friday.

It is not yet known if this issue is really one that anyone outside the suburb of Dandenong gives a fuck about, but our newspaper will report any developments from within this niche echo chamber to a national audience.


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