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A man who gets kicks from intimidating people has possibly bitten off more than he can chew today, after getting out of his car during a road rage incident on Birdsville Development Road this morning.

Andre Overton (31) has made an enemy on today’s commute to work. And it’s an enemy that he’s now about to confront.

His incessant swearing and over the top hand signals out the window would suggest that he’s had enough with the tailgating, especially after the last couple kilometres of tit for tat overtaking.

However, despite the intimate lane-sharing, Andre hasn’t had a good look at who is driving the other car. And as he climbs out of his late model Hyundai i30 at the lights this morning, every possible scenario is running through his head.

“Please be a young mum and family” he whispers to himself.

While trying to make out the silhouettes inside the unnecessarily tinted 1990s-era Tarago that he has become enemies with, Andre realises that this might actually be much worse than he imagined.

“When you see a car like that, there’s only two real scenarios” says the local tough cunt.

“Either it’s a single mother doing the school run. Which would be easy for me to scare and intimidate”

“Or it’s an under 18s Tongan rugby team”

As both the side sliding doors on the Tarago swing open once, Andrew realises it may be the latter.

“Fuck” he says.

At time of press, Andrew was seen popping the boot on his car to suggest he had a weapon to use.


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