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Peggy Spudmann told our reporters that she attended a wedding on Saturday wearing a lacey white dress on purpose, just to see what would happen.

Along with her polite but ultimately plain husband, Gary, they jagged an invitation to the wedding of a workmate of his – so in Peggy’s own words, she didn’t know the couple very well.

Late last week, Gary picked up his favourite pilling grey suit from the dry cleaners while Peggy went shopping for something to wear.

“I fell in love instantly with this dress,” she said, joining our reporter at a busy French Quarter cafe.

“But it was white and quite elaborately finished. It looks divine, I shit you not. Look at these pictures of me in it. Doesn’t it fit well?”

“Anyway, though I was going to a wedding, I thought, ‘Fuck it, I barely know them. I’ll just wear it,’ and as it turns out, I was lucky to leave the upstairs function room of the Dolphins Leagues Club alive!”

The Advocate reached out to some of the other wedding guests regarding the events on Saturday and a number stepped forward.

One of those who agreed to speak on the record with The Advocate was Sacha Ryan, who was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

The picture Ms Ryan paints with her words is vivid and vengeful.

“The bride, who doesn’t want to comment on what happened, was mortified,” she said.

“This fucking bitch comes in with her white dress, white clutch and some shitty white flats. She looked great but that’s beside the point. Who the fuck does that? We didn’t even know who she was. Apparently, her husband works with Mark, the groom,”

“We really wanted to go over there and see what in the good fuck she was thinking but we ended up death staring her the whole night. Someone should’ve ‘accidentally’ spilt a glass of red on her or something. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It didn’t ruin what turned out to be a magical evening.”

When asked if she planned on wearing the dress to another wedding, Mrs Spudmann said only if she didn’t know the bride.

“You can wear anything you want to a wedding if you don’t know the bride,” she said.

“But now I know people actually get really cross with you if you wear something vaguely resembling a wedding dress.”

More to come.



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