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Despite being sheepishly distant during the Test series, a local English man has come out of his shell recently as the touring cricketers take out the One Day series against Australia.

Pierce Thompson, a Birmingham-native, moved to Betoota just over four years ago to work in a bank, where he works with money.

As each Australian industry is required to employ at least one Pom at all times, the 34-year-old replaced the old Pom that worked at the Diamantina Credit Union on Duxford Road.

Though he enjoys the ‘office banter’ and the ‘lads’, he’s never been one to take it well when he’s on the receiving end of it – however, now that England is winning in the most redundant form of the game since the French variety, he feels as if he can give it back to the Australians with impunity.

“Lads,” he said loudly.

“Catch the game last night by any chance? What do you mean, no?”

Each of his coworkers took the time to tell Pierce that they were tuned into the Kyrgios match because it promised to be the game of the male tournament so far.

Thompson, shocked by this, went on to explain that Australia was being routinely thrashed by the English team in the post-Ashes One Day International series – but nobody seemed to care.

“Pierce, mate. We’ve got a month left of Big Bash and a good six weeks of swimming weather so we don’t really care,” said one colleague.

“Then the league starts again.”

More to come.



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