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“Mummy, Bitcoin is going to the moon,” he said.

“Stop investing in an overly regulated and stale commodity like blue-chip shares. Join the revolution.”

In his 28 odd months on this hell hole people call planet Earth, a toddler has come to know where and when to invest money.

In fact, some would call him an expert – all without any tertiary, secondary or even primary qualification in finance and economic systems.

But it’s not all the time young Django Westmacott speaks about the bright future cryptocurrency has for mankind – it’s only after he puts his parent’s keys in his mouth.

“He gets a bit lippy. He’s teething now, I think, so he’s always asking for my keys to have a bit of a bite on,” said Django’s mother, Buckette.

“His older brothers Ziggy and Alpaca also loved sucking on my keys when their teeth were coming through. Mum said I was the same but apparently I never keep trying to talk about the money markets and cryptocurrency to people who didn’t want to hear about it right after having the keys in my mouth,”

“Strange. Every time Django plays with my keys, he can’t keep his mouth shut for about an hour afterwards.”

This is a developing story.

More to come.


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