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A poor Betoota Heights woman has this week come to the conclusion that a lot of movies beloved by blokes seem to include a lot of painfully long scenes where guys just shout at each other a lot, which she’s unfortunately had to experience a lot of in a small succession, after dating a ‘film bro.’

Though this type of discourse surrounding men’s movies is nothing new, Marley Florisham says she was shocked at how many of these movies were just ‘lots of violence, screaming, and stupidly long conversation scenes.’

Speaking to The Advocate, Marley says bloke’s have had too much say in what constitutes ‘good cinema’ –  and she’s over it.

“These movies are so fucking LONG!”, she says, rolling her eyes, “I just don’t want to watch a three hour movie about men discussing things. I deal with that enough at work.”

“It’s either these long ass scenes where a group of men sit around a table talking for twenty minutes.”

“Or random shouting matches.”

“Like fuck me, sorry I’m not interested in watching a movie where nothing happens and you can’t understand what the characters are saying half the time.”

“If I have one more guy tell me that Leonardo Dicaprio really did cut his hand in Django Unchained, I’ll scream too.”

More to come.


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