A Brunswick woman has today made sure to let all of the people in her echo-chamber know that she will be saying #NupToTheCup.

Taking to her heavily curated social media accounts, Beck O’Chamber revealed that she will be seizing on the yearly opportunity to gratify herself by using emotive language to belittle people anyone who is taking a day off tomorrow.

Speaking from her 1 bedroom apartment where she lives with her Border Collie who she bought for a cheap price from some out of town owners who she pretended didn’t have a puppy farm, O’Chamber says she is disgusted at Australia.

“Honestly, anyone who supports horse racing should have a green tarp put up around them,” she said to us.

“I don’t care if most people are pretty apathetic to the race itself and enjoy a day off, it’s disgustingly cruel,” said the woman who has a large toy dog to keep her company.

“Horse’s are locked up and used for human enjoyment,” she continued as her cooped up lab let out a small subdued woof.

“Until people are done with them”

While O’Chamber used to begrudgingly partake in the functions at her creative agency, with nothing on this year, she’s decided to go all out with her anti-horse racing activism.

“I told someone on Instagram I hope someone shoots them with a shotgun next time they break a leg,” she laughed.

She refused to confirm whether she would be doing anything else to combat the issue she is so passionate about, or whether she’d just do a bit of social media activism and let the widespread mistreatment of horses and countless casualties in the industry go for another 364 days.


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