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Senator Jacqui Lambie says she got the arse from the flash Qantas Chairman’s Lounge this week after a bit of a disagreement with the people on the door who said she couldn’t come in.

Since then, the Peoples’ Jacqui has been exiled to the Rex Lounge.

Speaking to this masthead today, Jacqui reckons the Rex Lounge is actually pretty grouse and way better than that stuffy room full of crusty old mainlanders who just don’t fucken get it.

“You can just get a beer out of the fridge here,” she said.

“There’s no bloke in a cheap plastic vest and suit pants trying to give me a bloody white wine. I reckon that’s way better. No pretentious menu, they just have pretzels here and chips. Nothing better after a long day of coping the stink eye from Penny Wong,”

“And the Rex people just give you a nod and say G’day, where in the Qantas place, you always have some bastard slithering up to you and trying to give you business cards like fuck off mate, I’m trying to relax. I’ve had an absolute prick of a week and the last thing I want to do is get windfarms in Woolnorth mansplained to me or something,”

“Like Christ and Ricky Ponting on a tandem pushbike, just let me unwind, mate.”

When asked if she’d go back to the Chairman’s Lounge after her ban is over, Jacqui said maybe.

“Depends,” she said.

“If they start stocking Boag’s then we’ll see.”

More to come.


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