Fans of Australiana get excited, as it has just been announced that after 22 years the classic film The Castle will be coming back to the big screen.

With many of the original cast and writing crew returning, the film we will take a look at the Australian property market from a different, more modern angle. 

“There are many changes to the original,” stated original director Rob Sitch.

“Instead of watching The Best of Hey Hey It’s Saturday they are watching The Bachelor in Paradise recaps and instead of being compensated for their house in the flight path they have to foot the repair bill for their recently developed million-dollar apartment.”

Currently titled The Castle, the film follows the ageing Kerrigans who have downsized to a smaller apartment after giving up their greyhounds and selling their original property for $3.1 million at an auction.

“The Kerrigans have had to adjust to apartment living as they are now living in a space roughly the size of Wayne’s former cell. For example, the Pool Room is now the Pool Corner.”

Once again, the Kerrigans find themselves battling with the big man as they are forcibly evicted from their modern apartment due to severe structural faults just 13 days after the structural warranties lapsed.

So far, it has been confirmed that many of the beloved characters will be returning including Tiriel Mora reprising his role as shoddy lawyer Dennis Denuto.

“However this time Dennis has sunk even lower and is now the state MP for the area and has to decide between helping his friends or getting a golden handshake from the developers.”

“Afterall, doing a bad job at self-regulating really is against the vibe.”


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