In a further fall from grace, Barnaby Joyce has just been evicted from the New England Hotel this evening.

The former Deputy PM and former wealthy Member for New England was just kicked out of the Newy for tip dipping.

The attempts to steal the bar staff’s tips come after the now povo politician revealed this week that’s he’s pretty strapped for cash at the moment.

It’s believed Joyce was trying to steal the tips to get another couple of happy hour schooners.

“I didn’t even try and tip dip, that seccie’s just got it in for me,” said the angry man who yesterday publically spoke out against NSW’s attempt to decriminalise abortion because it is an affront to his selective Christian values apparently.

Joyce then told The Advocate to leave him alone before trying to pinch a ciggy off another drinker out the front of the pub.

He then vocally proclaimed that he was going to the ‘Impy’ or the ‘Bull’ and stormed off down the street.


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