Local grandad Ernie Horton (78) took a moment to re-live his youth after scoring a try during a family game of backyard footy.

After putting it down between the invisible uprights, Horton chipped the ball into the air and ran around his opposition with fist raised, the happiest his family claims to have seen him since he met Chad Morgan at Indooroopilly shopping centre in 1998.  

“Haha! Get some of that up ya!” yelled Horton at a camera crew that wasn’t there.

“Did you see that?”

Less impressed with Horton’s behaviour were his grandsons Stewart (22) and James Horton (19) who thought their pop was going on as if he had no clue they purposely missed putting on shots.

“If I’d have known he was going to go on like this I wouldn’t have fallen for that obvious dummy,” stated Stewart. 

“And before I’d of got him on the one and one strip if James had of dropped off when I told him.”

The senior Horton, however, gave no indication that his grandsons had gone easy on him, converting his try with ease despite the fact that they hadn’t been kicking in the game of backyard footy so far.

“He’s up! Go fetch the ball for ya pop Stewie.”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate Stewart Horton stated that he now no longer had a problem putting on a late hit if his pop tries to go for the kick in play.

“He can call dog shot all he wants, I’m taking that old prick down.”

More to come.


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